Monday, June 7, 2010

OU Travel Study blog moved

Hello faithful followers, readers and travelers,

I am now blogging for my travel study trip through the OU Education Abroad blog website. If you wish, you made find my blog at

I hope you enjoy learning about Peru with me!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

3rd day in Peru

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kim and I went to bed at 11 p.m. after blogging and editing photos, but we were still super sleepy!

Our schedule: We wake up at 7 a.m., eat breakfast at 8 and walk to class at 8:30 to be at Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru by 9 for class. Lunch is at noon, and we ate in the cafeteria with other students for the first time today!

We learned about Peru’s diverse geography and how it affects the development of politics, economy, people and many others. We also learned about the ancient cultures.

We ate lunch earlier than most students, but the cafeteria was still very crowded, and all the tables were taken. Being innovative, I suggested we sit outside using benches as tables, so that's what we did. We had a Peruvian lunch (pear juice, rolls, avocado salad, fish, rice and beans) Asian style on the ground outside!

After lunch, we went to the ancient ruins of Pachacamac and drove by the beach, Charrillos and Shantytown. The view on top of El Templo del Sol is beautiful!

The "South Oval" of our university (PUCP) here is just as nice except there is deer instead of squirrels--so cool!

We had a Peruvian-style egg drop soup with homemade croutons and cheese, corn on the cob (SO sweet and the best I've ever had), mashed potatoes and fish and avocados for dinner. Our host and hostess are the best cooks!

All but one of the girls (that's 14 gals) went out on the town for the first time tonight! Our sweet Peruvian guide, Luis, arranged for taxis to pick us up at our host homes, and all the taxis drove together to "Atlantic City"–apparently Peru's biggest casino–on top of a cliff overlooking the beach. Although I didn't win anything, I had a blast!

Time to bed! Good night everyone!