Saturday, April 11, 2009

Oklahoma High on Happiness and Livability

Oklahoma is ranked No. 6 on for being one of the "financially happiest” states. This means Oklahomans are doing their best at weathering the recession. The site looked at factors such as household income, debt, unemployment and foreclosures. Oklahoma is doing well in all areas. Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas are three states listed ahead of Oklahoma.

Tulsa and Oklahoma City landed fifth in Forbes magazine’s listing of the most livable cities. The magazine looks at cost of living, crime, unemployment, five-year economic growth and a "culture index.”

Well, duhhh. I could have told you that, but I am a proud Sooner and there’s no other place I’d rather live and attend college. Reading this article makes me happy!  Oklahoma has always been known for her friendliness and slower pace—does this have any to do with her ability to adapt to the economic crisis? Were you surprised with the results? Does this mean we have less to worry about?   

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