Saturday, April 11, 2009

To blog or not to blog? That is not the question.

From more “serious” blogs such as The Huffington Post to “low culture” blogs like Perezhilton, the number of bloggers is rising like never before. Blogs currently have such an impact in the technically-advanced world, but with so many, how are we to choose? It all depends on your interests.

Those not interested in politics may enjoy It is one of the older blogs with tracking as far back as 1998. The site took off partly through the help of…drumroll, please… Blogger! It has links to websites and articles rather than personal opinion with trends and happenings. is one of the most popular blogs in the world. Visitors stop by to see, create, submit and vote on Lolcats (captioned photos of characterful cats in different settings). Lolspeak, also known as Kitty Pidgin, is the 'language' used in the captions. For example, human is 'hooman', Sunday 'bunday', exactly 'xackly' and asthma 'azma'., a consumer blog, has a mission to promote green lifestyles. It reminds the readers that going green does not necessarily mean sacrificing. Treehugger generates more than 30 new posts a day across categories such as fashion, beauty, travel, nature, science and technology. Once an MBA class project, it now generates through sponsorship and advertising.

With so many choices, you better get to researching. Which blogs are your favorite? Does this characterize you?

From “The world's 50 most powerful blogs"

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